Early Language Groups for Pre-School Children


  • Specialised, targeted groups for children aged between 0-4 years to promote and support speech, language and communication development.

  • The groups will consist of parents with children who are at risk or have a recognised delay in their speech and language development.

  • Each session will focus on a specific strategy parents can use to support their children. Activities will be demonstrated throughout the group. A written handout will also be given to parents to take home to implement the strategies.

  • The activities will include table top activities (for the older children), group activities, snack time and free play while the Speech and Language Therapist catches up with each parent.

Our friendly and exciting classes can help all children develop some of life's most important skills:


  • Concentration and attention, making learning easier
  • Self-esteem and social confidence, vital for making new friends
  • Pre-literacy skills, helping pave the way for reading and writing
  • Communication skills, helping little ones express themselves
  • Sharing and taking turns, helping everyone get along better

Parent and Toddler Group Support

A Speech and Language Therapist can attend regular parent and baby/toddler groups to offer advice to parents.


There will be lots of opportunities for parents to speak to the speech and language therapist about any concerns or questions they may have about their child’s speech, language or social development and receive some initial advice on what to do next.


The Speech and Language Therapist will be in the group setting speaking to parents during the tea and coffee break, there is also an opportunity for parents with concerns to speak to the therapist in a private room if they wish.

North Star Speech & Language Therapy can give advice to parents of:

  • Children who are typically developing and want to know how to bring their development on even more.
  • Children who are at risk of a delay in their development.
  • Children who are late talkers.
  • Children with an identified delay in their development.
  • Children on the Autistic Spectrum.

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