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How do I know if I need a speech therapist?

There are many children who would benefit from a speech therapist including those who have had a previous diagnosis of a language or learning difficulty. If you suspect that your child has difficulties with speech and language, then you can call and discuss your concerns with North Star Speech & Language Therapy who will advise you whether an assessment is needed.


Why attend for private assessment and therapy?

Waiting times for public services may mean that your child has to wait for assessment and diagnosis which can delay availing of therapy and important resource services at school. North Star Speech & Language Therapy can facilitate your child’s speech and language development while you are waiting to be called by your local HSE. We can also provide therapy to supplement your services from your HSE Speech and Language Therapist and can add follow on sessions to your HSE block of intervention. There are no restrictions as to the number or frequency of sessions available in private practice and treatment plans will be negotiated by you and your therapist.


How do I know if the therapist is qualified/experienced?

You can check your therapists’ qualifications and experience. You can ask questions in relation to the therapists’ years of experience, qualifications and specific experience in working in your area of need. North Star Speech & Language Therapy adheres to the highest standards of evidence-based practice and continuing professional development to ensure appropriate treatment for your child. North Star Speech & Language Therapy’s credentials are available on their website and we are registered with the Irish Association Speech and Language Therapist professional body in Ireland and CORU Ireland’s regulatory body for Speech and Language Therapists


What age should I bring my child for speech and language therapy?

Early intervention is vital in helping children with their speech, language and communication skills. Early intervention can facilitate language development and can reduce the impact of the speech and language delay on a child. Recent research and evidence -based practice indicates that early intervention is crucial. Even in infancy, advice can be given to advance communication development. Parents can learn invaluable language stimulation techniques to use in the child’s natural environment. If you are concerned that your child’s speech, language or communication is delayed, you can contact North Star Speech & Language Therapy who will help you decide if an appointment is necessary.


What should I expect when I bring my child to a speech and language therapist?

The first visit will be for a consultation or assessment. The parent/carer is usually present whilst the child is being assessed. Sometimes the assessment is conducted over two sessions. Once the assessment is complete, the therapist will discuss the results with you. If therapy is indicated, the therapist will explain what the options are and give an idea of the proposed therapy schedule.

How much does private speech and language therapy cost?

The cost of the appointments is dependent on your child’s needs and difficulties. Contact North Star Speech & Language Therapy today to discuss your concerns and our therapist will be able to give you a cost estimate for the assessment and/or therapy. There are no hidden costs, each fee will be discussed and agreed prior to the appointment.

Can I get a tax refund for speech and language therapy appointments?

Speech and Language Therapy fees are tax deductible. To avail of this, you will need to get a MED1 form from the tax office and keep all receipts. The tax office also requires a medical letter of referral from a GP or Consultant.


Can I claim speech and language therapy appointments on my health insurance?

A number of Health Insurance Plans provide cover for Speech and Language Therapy. Please check with your own Health Insurer for details. You can combine your Health Insurance and tax refund by claiming tax relief on monies paid in excess of that covered by your Health Insurer.

Is there a waiting list?

We aim to keep the waiting times as short as possible. Generally, we can arrange an appointment for assessment within 2 to 4 weeks and, when appropriate, a therapy plan will be discussed and agreed – usually within 3 weeks. Simply phone or email us to arrange an appointment and establish a suitable location and date for an assessment.


How do I make a referral to North Star Speech & Language Therapy?

You can call on 086 361 6878 or email at North Star Speech & Language Therapy will discuss your child’s individual needs and book an appointment at a time and place convenient to you.

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